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KD عرض تمر عجوة المدينة علبة 3 كيلو

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Natural Source of Energy. Rich In Iron, Calcium and Magnesium.

Al-Medina’s Ajwa dates, the dark brown, almost black, Ajwa date hails from the Al-Madinah al-Munawara region in Saudi Arabia’s west, and are known for their softness, dryness.
Ajwa dates are the most favorite food of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W). These are the unique kind of dates which are from Madina Sharif, the most beneficial and wholesome for the body and mental health.
“If Somebody takes seven ‘Ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day.” [Sahih Bukhari, Book #71, Hadith #664 (also 663, 672)]
  • Ajwa dates Increases Immunity Ajwa Improve digetion Ajwa dates Increases breast milk in Lactating woman It can Prevent Anamia Eating dates Helps in Childbirth, It has Anto Oxidant and anti Inflammatory Property, and It Boots Bone Health.

HEALTHY EATING — High in fiber, vitamins and minerals including
soluble fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium,
and vitamin Bs. Take it with you and there you have it, a healthy
meal replacement.

EASY TO STORE — Al Ajwa superfood when refrigerated in sealed
containers stays fresh for months and still maintain its natural
energy booster.

AUTHENTIC — Grown and packed at source in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

NATURALLY NUTRITIOUS: Al Ajwa Dates are rich in healthy fiber,
minerals and vitamins. Dates contain soluble fiber (it draws
water into the digestive tract) and can be a constipation relief.
Dates are a source of iron and can help prevent anemia. They
contain magnesium, manganese and selenium.

NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER: Now you can skip energy bars and energy
drinks that contain processed sugar like high fructose corn
syrup. Eat dates instead. Dates are filled with natural sugars
and can be consumed in small quantities due to its tiny size.
This is the secret weight loss food you need to have a "Live
strong, Healthy diet".

STAY HEALTHY WHEN TRAVELLING: Adding dates to oatmeal or muesli
gives you a natural, ready to eat food when you are on the move
or too busy.

THEY TASTE GREAT: This is a tiny superfood that tastes great on
its own.

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Raheel Baig
High quality product

I am quite happy with the order. The dates are very high quality. The chocolate dates are quite delicious. Packaging delivery excellent

Sam H
Fresh abd well presented

Quick delivery and good quality


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